KCB Management

Investment Philosophy

KCB manages a diversified portfolio of high-quality real estate assets. We seek to minimize long-term volatility and achieve superior returns relative to risk by acquiring assets that are driven by varied economic drivers, whether by being in different assets types or different geographies. To achieve this asset class and geographic diversification, KCB typically partners with joint venture partners that have significant local knowledge and a strong track record in a given asset class. The team at KCB has a long history of successful joint venture partnerships and specific expertise in sourcing, performing due diligence on, and managing such partnerships.

KCB focuses on high-quality income-producing real estate with purchase prices in the $5-50 million range. KCB's typical strategy will be to acquire existing assets and add value through renovations, re-tenanting, and conscientious management. KCB also considers development projects and stabilized assets, as well as debt instruments supported by real estate.

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